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But Seriously

Those of you who have followed me since the GMR and days — when money poured down from the heavens and we coated our masthead pages in genuine 23-carat gold leaf — will know that my updating history, be it on the boards or blogs, can be kindly described as “erratic.”

Well, I’m working on changing that. After spending about two full months doing nothing from morning to night, I need a little structure to my days and an outlet for things rattling around upstairs. Hence, the blog. I’ve got some ideas for recurring features so that there’s something fresh here every day (perhaps even twice).

First one is a small collection of articles I think are worth reading. I call it “Evening Reading,” and because I only just now noticed that ShackNews calls their end-of-day article collection entry the exact same thing, I’m including them in my first one. Consider us even!

(All sunset images taken from out my apartment window.)


Coming soon: More plans, and a Resident Evil 5 back-and-forth with a good friend…


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